Fields of Light - Exhibition

Fields of Light - Exhibition

Curatorial Theme: Circular Sonic Forms

Abstraction is a process that has shaped many of the avant-guard movements of the 20th century. One aspect of painterly abstraction is transcendence from the material world. Simplicity, reductionism and the application of pure colour and form were visual elements central to the works of Kandinsky and Rothko. This approach can encompass metaphors of reality, veiled figuration and non-objective symbolism. Artworks guided by these principles would seem to probe at the unanswerable questions about an inner abstract visual language and how these images might affect viewers.

Isackson reflects on Kandinski’s ‘inner sound’ theories of correspondence and Rothko’s idea of the relationship of colour and emotion. Fields of Light explores the notion of a dialectic tension between Rothko and Kandinski’s ideas and Louise’s own approach as an expressive colour field painter.

Synesthesia has a long history in both art and science, notably at the turn of the 20th Century with Kandinski’s correspondence scheme of sound to colour, imagination to reality, and forms to colour. With Kandinski and Rothko as models, and drawing from her own background in design and visual art, Isackson is investigating the correlation of colour, form, emotion, synaethesia and composition in her practice.


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