TEN Group Exhibition | May 2019

TEN Group Exhibition | May 2019

TEN Group Exhibition: Ten Abstract painters

"The numerology of ten (10) symbolises the completion of a set or a new beginning".
Curated by Robyn Kirk, Louise Isackson and Paula Payne. 

White Canvas Space presents an exhibition of ten contemporary painted works surveying the ways that painters continue to explore and re-invent abstract painting. Ten Australian based artists with individual painting practices are invited to participate in the exhibition exploring paint as the idea, the subject, and the medium, on large scale landscape or portrait formats. Formalism, abstraction, and the stylisation of a number of personal and historical realities are expressed through spatial and figurative painterly renditions. The significance of the number ten is threefold: The number of artists; The paintings exhibited; The numerology of ten (10) symbolising the completion of a set and, or a new beginning inspiring new behaviours and interpretations of ways of being in the world.

The featured ten artists are Kate Barry, Peter Ceredig-Evans, Kieran Forster, Louise Isackson, Robbi Kirk, Harry Macintosh, Andrew O’Brien, Paula Payne, Llewellyn Skye and Amica Whincop. The Exhibition Curators,  Robyn Kirk, Louise Isackson and Paula Payne have selected the artists for their familiarity with abstract interpretations.



The exhibition was a collaboration between the above 10 artists, and hosted by the former WHITE CANVAS GALLERY.

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