Collection: Landscapes

When considering what might be considered a landscape painting, many imagined preconceived visions emerge. For example, a landscape usually occupies three levels of visual scope: A foreground, a midground, and a background. Rather than paint a literal representation of a place that I've seen or photographed, I enjoy the illusionary qualities of a feeling associated with looking at a scene, a tree, a lake, cloud formations, a horizon line. These paintings explore this notion of an elusive memory or feeling that once seduced my eyes with immense impact. The brush stroke rhythms take me to this sense of place. They are dream-like patterns sweeping across the canvas. These paintings are also inspired by the musicality of colour. Sound is always present in my work. Music has the most emotional impact on our senses. By incorporating this into my paintings I'm wanting to recall the emotion of a place through colour correlation to sound.