Collection: Sonic Circles

As I paint, I'm wanting to reflect on the musicality of colour. I'm exploring this constantly as I’m painting. My titles are often referring to notes, tonal keys, tempo, music theory and movements. What I’m most inspired to create in my paintings is translating the emotion of sound into colour, form and light.

Each composition is a mood I'm wanting to create with energetic brush strokes, glazing light circles and with a diverse application of the circular shape. Some of them are clean direct shapes, others blurry and obscure, while others have a shimmering quality.

This is my ongoing practice of painting light circles, named 'Sonic Circles'. They are forms that I enjoy creating because of the simplicity of the circle, I can build up layers of overlapping circles and experiment with the concept of light/colour and how this concept of sound can be interpreted in each one.

Each painting is delivered to you ready to hang.