Biography and CV


b. Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Brisbane, QLD Australia
B.A. Fine Arts - QCA, Griffith University. 1992
Masters of Creative Industries (M.C.I) - QUT. Kelvin Grove. 2016

Louise Isackson is a visual artist exploring her painting with images that represent the vibrations of sound through the application of painterly colour on canvas. Louise's paintings investigate parallel languages, and the essence of her combined passion of colour (through paint) and Music. Theoretically, Isackson’s paintings occupy the space between colour sensation and the sonic expression of visual forms. The titles of her paintings are derived from music language and terminologies. Her paintings and the compositional structure of image-making have a direct reference to her experiences as a professional musician. Isackson's paintings draw reference the colour-field art movement, the works and theories of Wassily Kandinski (On the Spiritual in Art) and the many geometric and/or formalist qualities of abstraction.

 "My work explores the correlational aspect of a sonic visual language, perceived on the surface of the paintings. Elements of compositional abstraction are created in my work and explore the theoretical framework of synaesthesia: The study into the correlation of the senses, specifically between sound and colour. By painting circular forms and shimmering brushstrokes, the layers of tones become vibrational compositions of sound-colours. My career encompasses a desire to express ideas associated with these two senses: the auditory and the visual".

At first glance, Isackson’s colourist paintings seem like imagined blurry landscapes, either glimpses of tree forms, obscure abstract florals, to large scale fields of compositional overlapping shapes. Combining Kandinsky, and the visual language of a colour-field painting aesthetic, Isackson also draws reference from her background in graphic design. She is investigating the correlations of colour, form, emotion, synaethesia and composition in her practice. She explores her pieces intuitively enabling the process to dictate the outcome. 


Louise began her art career by completing a Fine Art degree at Griffith University in the 90's. She showed her work in exhibitions with many local galleries based on her visual art studies before taking up a career in the corporate world of design and advertising. True to a renaissance person, Louise also moonlighted as a performing Jazz Singer, and performed in Japan and New York. Completing her QUT masters thesis in Creative Industries in 2016 marked her departure from the IT world into a full time dedication as a visual artist. 




1993   B.A. Fine Art: Painting Major. QCA: Griffith University, Brisbane QLD

1997   Diploma of Visual Communication: Design College Australia Brisbane QLD

2015   Experience and Interaction Design: General Assembly Sydney, NSW

2016   Masters Creative Industries (MCI): Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Kelvin Grove, QLD




Fields of Light: The Third Quarter Gallery (Solo exhibition) Brisbane QLD

TEN Group Exhibition: White Canvas Gallery (Group exhibition) Brisbane QLD

RAW Exhibition: Arise @ The MET (Group exhibition) Brisbane QLD.


Studio 18 Gallery Launch: Louise Isackson Studio Gallery. (Solo exhibition) Brisbane, QLD


X-hibition 2017: Studio 18 Gallery. (Group exhibition) Artists: Louise Isackson & Kellie North



2005 Manhattan Transfer (works on paper): Baguette Gallery (Solo exhibition) Brisbane, QLD

2003 Elementary: Tracey Keller Gallery (Solo exhibition)

2002 Landscapes of Thought: Doggett Street Studios (Solo exhibition) Brisbane, QLD

1995 Illumination: Metro Arts Gallery. (Solo exhibition) Brisbane, QLD

1993 QCA Gallery: Graduate Exhibition ‘93 Brisbane, QLD

1992 Art = Aura: Space Plentitude (Group exhibition) Brisbane, QLD


Works held by commission or private collections: Locations throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria, United States, Germany and Japan.


Finalist, 2018 COSSAG Art Prize Exhibition. Brisbane QLD

Finalist, 2019 Rotary Art Spectacular. Brisbane QLD


1998     Graphic Design Teacher; Martin College Brisbane

2002     Sessional Teacher (Design); QCA. Griffith University

2003     Guest Lecturer QUT Graphic & Visual Design: Kelvin Grove Campus

2015     Design Thinking Workshops: Venture Crowd, General Assembly, Oakton Pty. Ltd.

2019     Themed Painting Classes and Workshops, Location - Brisbane. Studio 18 Gallery 


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