Composition of 'September' (Earth Wind and Fire track)

Composition of 'September' (Earth Wind and Fire track)

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'Colour Ensembles' is music-in-paint journeying through Light, Sound, Form and Colour. Designed to excite all the senses, this collection of paintings represents the corresponding vibrations of colour alongside select sounds. 

This painting is one of four paintings, directly inspired interpretations from listening to the iconic 'September' track from Earth, Wind and Fire.

I draw inspiration from Kandinski's 'On the Spiritual in Art' colour correlation theories for abstract painting of colour and form. Interpreting the sensory impact of colour I like to combine shimmering brush stroke effects with elusive abstract forms. The result is a collision of sound and sight that brings to life the raw emotional experience of music, only splashed across the canvas.

If you would like a painting created for your favourite music track (instrumental), please contact me for a commission project.