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'Sonic Circle' Series

I have a keen interest in the musicality of colour, and explore this constantly as I’m painting. My titles are often referring to notes, tonal keys, tempo, music theory and movements. What I’m most inspired to create in my paintings is translating the emotion of sound into colour, form and light. My process involves painting while listening, developing an intuition for the corresponding colours, building up layers of shapes, marks and tones in a structural composition to visualise a resonance similar to musical vibration. 

Each composition is a mood I'm wanting to create with energetic brush strokes, glazing light circles and with a diverse application of the circular shape. Some of them are clean direct shapes, others blurry and obscure, while others have a shimmering quality.

Each painting is framed in Tasmanian Oak and delivered to you ready to hang.

Media: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 x 30cm