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Key of C Major SOLD.

Key of C Major SOLD.

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This painting is one of 12 'Key' paintings. Lyrical expressions of 12 colours representing the sound of 12 keys - major and minor.

'Colour Ensembles' is music-in-paint journeying through Light, Sound, Form and Colour. Designed to excite all the senses, this collection of paintings represents the corresponding vibrations of colour alongside select sounds. 

I draw inspiration from Kandinski's 'On the Spiritual in Art' colour correlation theories for abstract painting of colour and form. Interpreting the sensory impact of colour I like to combine shimmering brush stroke effects with elusive abstract forms. The result is a collision of sound and sight that brings to life the raw emotional experience of music, only splashed across the canvas.

Each painting is coated with a high gloss resin and framed in Tasmanian Oak timber. 


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